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Article Can I backup more than one site on the one account?
No. Each Site will require a separate account.
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Article Can I contact you by phone?
Yes my number is  +447824004255 but it is far cheaper to use Skype as it is free.
Views: 1165
Article Can I store my PC backups?
No. This is a website only backup service.
Views: 1221
Article Do I have to use the service in order to receive commission?
If you are a client and already use one of our other services then you can also promote and earn...
Views: 1253
Article How do I cancel my subscription?
A. If you wish to terminate a backup, you must log into your client account at least 1 day before...
Views: 1198
Article How do I restore my site and/or Database
You will find a link to a pdf file inside your members area that you can download. The file gives...
Views: 1214
Article How long does it take to activate an account?
Normally an account will be activated  within 24 hours of the order being placed. However this...
Views: 1226
Article If I also use your Hosting service, Will the fee be added to my total bill, Or will I be charged seperatly
It will be invoiced seperatly and require its own subscription
Views: 1158
Article If my payment is delayed for some reason will i be charged a fee?
An account is suspended if payment has not been received within 5 days of te due date. There is a...
Views: 1163
Article If my PC crashes can I still access the site from another PC/location?
Yes, you can access from any PC.
Views: 1160
Article Is there a limit to the number of sites I can Backup?
No as long as each site has its own account.
Views: 1132
Article System Requierments
The server your site is on  must support Zend and Ioncube. If you are not sure about this then...
Views: 1212
Article Termination. Do I need to give advanced notice before the billing date so im not charged? If so, How many days?
Termination requests must be dated before the next due date. If dated on or after the...
Views: 1228
Article What if I do not feel confident to carry out a restore?
We can carry out the restore for you at a nominal cost. Simply put in a ticket or contact us on...
Views: 1254
Article What is Skype? How do i get it? Does it cost anything?
Skype is a voip /text messaging system. It can be downloaded free at  http://www.skype.com. It...
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